Substance Abuse & DUI

Our agency is committed to quality, evidenced-based outpatient services for drug and alcohol issues. We provide both individual and group options for treatment. We understand that alcohol and drug dependencies develop over and begin to interfere with individuals physical, mental, spiritual and emotional states.

Treatment Options


We provide a comprehensive substance abuse evaluation with assessments and thorough interview with a master’s level counselor to determine the proper treatment plan for each individual client.

Relapse Prevention

 This is a 10-16 or 20-week group treatment program focusing on the triggers and warning signs or relapse. It is designed to allow the client to gain the tools necessary to successfully maintain their sobriety even in high-risk situations. Each individual, with the help of the counselor will develop their own relapse prevention plan prior to graduation.

Substance Abuse Treatment

90-minute group meeting 2-3 times per week to learn about addictive patterns and appropriate strategies to begin a sober lifestyle. Utilizing a cognitive behavioral approach, each client will be challenged to identify their beliefs and thinking patterns related to their use.


We offer screening, education, and treatment for alcohol related legal issues. We offer Level II 16-hour education, and Level I 36-hour, 54-hour and 72-hour programs. We work with out-of-state screenings and Motor Vehicle Restoration programs as well.

Motor Vehicle Evaluations

We offer the MVD restoration substance abuse evaluations for the review of license restoration. AZ: $135.00 Out-of-State: $175.00

Substance Abuse Education

We offer an 8-hour education one-day program which provides updated and researched data on the effects of alcohol and substance use on the body and the mind. Each client will go through a personal evaluation of their use and the benefits and costs and will begin to set goals based on desired outcomes of the client.

Let’s Start the Healing

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