Here are 15 things you should know by 40:
1.  The things that you love about yourself, that no matter what anyone else says you know they are good.
2.  Who your best friends are
3.  Your retirement plan
4.  A doctor you trust and visit regularly.
5.  A wonderful wine bar
6.  A great bucket list with things checked off.
7.  A style that feels just like you.
8.  If things are not as good as you would like, you can change them
9.  How to celebrate your birthday the way that you LOVE to celebrate you.
10.  Your favorite vacation spot that allows you to relax and ENJOY!
11.  How to love you as much as you love everyone else.
12. Why they say 40 is the new 20.
13.  How to accept a compliment.
14.  Be o.k. with saying no.
15.  Getting older is a gift that some people don’t get the privilege of experiencing.