Love Yourself First

Feb 26, 2021 | Daily Life | 0 comments


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Live Life

Wow has Covid 19 really brought us to a coming to the reality of our relationship health.  Spending never-ending hours with your partner has either been illuminating or crazy frustrating. 

Here’s the thing, it is all about us.  Our ability to handle difficult situations and personal stressors is a direct reflection to the health of our relationships.  Just think for a minute about times when your relationships have been hard.  Were you having a hard time in your life?  Were you feeling unsatisfied with yourself? 

This is when we see ourselves in the mirror or our partner.  Then, we have this amazing ability to deflect.  They become the problem.  Our partner becomes boring, or inattentive to our needs, or not romantic enough.  It is easier to look outward than it is to look insides ourselves and work on that.  Here is a tough truth.  We only have control of ourselves; our responses, our choices, our ability to adapt and change.  It is all us.  We choose to make ourselves happy or allow ourselves to be overwhelmed or sad or unloved.  We have the only power to change within ourselves. 

So, challenge yourself to look inside and ask “how am I helping to create this situation or outcome?  Be brave and take the challenge to make yourself happy.  You may just find that your partner does not seem so bad after all.  

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